Protocol Information

The Protocol Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs acts as the State Protocol for the Republic of Cyprus, and as such has a wide range of duties and responsibilities, including the following:

― Oversees the application of diplomatic privileges and immunities, as well as of fiscal privileges. afforded to foreign Diplomatic and Consular Missions, International Organisations and their representations in Cyprus, as well as to their staff, on the basis of obligations emanating from international conventions, multilateral and bilateral agreements, international practice and national law.

― Handles the granting of agrément to proposed Heads of Missions and arranges for the accreditation/registration of members of staff of foreign Diplomatic and Consular Missions and of International Organisation representations in Cyprus.

― Organises accreditation and farewell visits by Ambassadors extraordinary and plenipotentiary, including ceremonies for presentation of Credentials, in cooperation with the Mission concerned.

― Renders assistance to foreign Missions in obtaining flight diplomatic clearances for overflight of State and military aircraft, passage of naval vessels, and in obtaining licenses for radio and firearms licences.

― Plans and organises official and working visits made by foreign Heads of State/Government and by Ministers of Foreign Affairs to the Republic of Cyprus, and assists as necessary with private visits and the visits of other foreign officials.

― Is responsible for the application of diplomatic protocol and oversees the ceremonial part of activities involving the President and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cyprus and foreign Heads of States and Governments and diplomatic representatives accredited to Cyprus.

― Advises on affairs relating to State Protocol and on issues pertaining to the observance of the order of precedence between foreign Heads of Missions to Cyprus.


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Foreign Diplomatic Missions to the Republic of Cyprus, Honorary Consuls (consular posts) of foreign countries, as well as representations of International Organisations to Cyprus, can be found in the Diplomatic List, which is published in digital form and is updated on a regular basis by the Protocol Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The latest edition is currently under review and will be posted here soon.

In the meantime, you may contact the Ministry's Protocol Department for any information you may require.



The internal Order of Precedence ('Protocol') of the Republic of Cyprus, as defined in the relevant Table appended to Law 59(I)/1996 (which replaced any other Protocol that was in force or was followed previously), is set out below:


1. The President of the Republic *

2. The Archbishop of Cyprus

3. The President of the House of Representatives

4. Leaders or Representatives of Political Parties in Parliament

5. Former Presidents of the Republic

6. The Attorney General of the Republic

7. The President of the Supreme Court

8. The Members of the Council of Ministers **

9. Spokesmen of the Political Parties in Parliament

10. Former Presidents of the House of Representatives

11. Members of the House of Representatives **

12. Leaders or Representatives of non-Parliamentary Political Parties ***

13. Members of the Supreme Court **

14. The Government Spokesman

15. The Deputy Minister to the President of the Republic

16. The President of the Union of Cyprus Municipalities

17. Mayors **

18. The Commander of the National Guard

19. The Chief of Police

20. The Deputy Attorney General

21. Former Ministers and Former Members of the House of Representatives

22. The Governor of the Central Bank

23. Counsellors to the President of the Republic

24. Heads or Representatives of other Religious Groups

25. The Chairman and Members of the Public Service Commission **

26. The Chairman and Members of the Education Service Commission **

27. The Auditor-General

28. The Commissioner of Administration (Ombudsman)

29. The Permanent Secretaries of the House of Representatives, Ministries and Planning Bureau

30. The Secretary of the Council of Ministers

31. The Accountant-General

32. Chairmen of Semi-Governmental Organizations

33. Directors-General of Semi-Governmental Organizations

34. Prefects of Administrative Districts of the Republic of Cyprus

35. Municipal Counsellors **



* The order of precedence of official guests of the President of the Republic is decided on the basis of the applicable internal Protocol.

** The classification amongst Ministers, Members of Parliament, Judges of the Supreme Court, Members of the Public Service and Education Service Commissions, the Mayors and the Municipal Counsellors is decided by their respective Bodies themselves.

*** Applies when the Leader of the non-Parliamentary party is not present.