21 December 2023 - To the Cyprus Paraplegics Organisation the "Stella Soulioti" Human Rights Award 2023

The annual ‘‘Stella Soulioti’’ Human Rights Award was established in 2021 in order to pay tribute to the unique and multi-dimensional legacy of Mrs Stella Soulioti, a remarkable figure in modern Cypriot history who inspired successive generations of Cypriots. This annual award was established to honour a person or a non-governmental organisation for outstanding contribution in the field of human rights in Cyprus.

The 2023 Award Assessment Committee, comprised of the Minister of Foreign Affairs (Chair), the Minister of Justice and Public Order, the Commissioner for Administration and Protection of Human Rights, as well as the ex-officio members Mrs Androula Christofidou-Henriques (founder of the organisation ‘‘Cyprus Stop Trafficking’’ which received last year’s award) and Mrs Titina Loizidou, decided that the ‘‘Stella Soulioti’’ Human Rights Award for 2023 will be awarded to the Cyprus Paraplegics Organisation.

The Cyprus Paraplegics Organisation is a non-profit organisation aiming at providing support to those with spinal and cords injuries. Over its 43 years of service, the Organisation has proven pioneer in raising individual autonomy, in advocating for social inclusion and better quality of life for persons with disabilities, especially those with reduced mobility, as well as for fostering respect to the inherent dignity of the persons with disabilities.

The Award Assessment Committee has also decided to award a Certificate for Outstanding Contribution to the organisations “Society Caritas Cyprus” and “Generation for Change CY” for their work in protecting human rights in Cyprus.

The award ceremony will take place at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Thursday 28 December 2023.