8 Dec. 2021 - Completion of project for the support of Consulates in Cyprus Diplomatic Missions abroad with co-funding from EU's Internal Security Fund

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs as the Final Beneficiary has successfully completed the project entitled "Support of Consulates of the Republic of Cyprus in diplomatic missions abroad as regards short-term visas” with code CY/2018/ISF/SO1.NO1.1.1/2.

The aim of the project was the harmonization of procedures of the Consular Departments of Embassies of the Republic of Cyprus with the requirements of the Schengen acquis, namely:

  • The creation / improvement of the security conditions of the Consular Officers which deal with the examination and issuance of short-stay visas
  • The facilitation of the visa examination / issuance process and
  • Ensuring the proper procedure for issuing short-stay entry visas, in accordance with the Community Visa Code.

Co-financed by the Internal Security Fund (ISF) - Borders and Visas by 90% and by national resources of the Republic of Cyprus by 10%, the project had a total budget of €762.429 and a duration 64 months.