27 Apr. 2022 - Speech By Foreign Minister Kasoulides on the occasion of the National Day of the Kingdom of Netherlands


Your Excellency, Ambassador Elke Merks-Schaapveldi,

Members of the diplomatic community,

Distinguished guests,

It is with great pleasure that I am here with you today on the occasion of the official celebration of the birthday of His Majesty King Willem-Alexander.

Allow me to convey, on this auspicious occasion, the best wishes of President Anastasiades, the Government and the people of the Republic of Cyprus to His Majesty the King, the Royal family and the Government and the people of the Netherlands.

This Day was celebrated for the first time as Princess’s Day in 1885, for Princess Wilhelmina’s fifth birthday. It then became Queen’s Day and eventually turned into a genuine national festival, a popular day of celebration for children and ultimately an official public holiday, signifying national unity.
The rich history of the Netherlands takes us through ancient times to the economic growth in the Medieval period, which made of the Netherlands one of the richest areas in Europe, the Renaissance, the fight for independence, the discoveries era and the House of Orange-Nassau which has played a central role in the political life of the Netherlands but also of Europe itself.

Today’s celebration is an opportunity to reaffirm the excellent level of the bilateral relations between Cyprus and the Netherlands. Over the years, our countries have established a concrete and close cooperation in various fields, reflected at the political and economic levels but also through people to people contacts.

The strong bonds of friendship between our countries and peoples have always been based on our joint democratic values and the respect for human rights and the rule of law. Cyprus and the Netherlands are now working together, as partners within the EU, along with the other member states, to address our common challenges, preserve our European values, our solidarity and our vision of the future.

Currently the Union is faced with a number of challenges. Our unity in defending our values is now more needed than ever. I am referring, of course, to the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the unprecedented challenges it has created. We therefore, stand by Ukraine and its people, conveying our strong support and respect to the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of Ukraine during these difficult times.


Cyprus and our people have their own tragic experiences of foreign invasion, as a result of the illegal Turkish military invasion and occupation of Cyprus since 1974.

As you are well aware, Turkey proceeds with its illegal plans and activities in the fenced area of Varosha, in full defiance of the relevant Security Council resolutions, despite the strong condemnation by the international community, the UN and our EU partners.

Despite Turkey’s continued provocations, our side remains focused in creating conducive conditions for the resumption of the negotiations the soonest possible. To this end, I have put forward a proposal consisting of win-win Confidence Building Measures to end the ongoing impasse and after a long period pave the way for peace talks to resume.

I am confident that this set of CBMs can build trust and greater cooperation between the two communities and serve as a catalyst for the effort to reach a lasting solution.

The implementation of these CBMs concerns, among others, the fenced area of Varosha, the airport of Tymbou, the port of Famagusta, as well as issues pertaining the Cyprus problem in general. It will also enhance our efforts to convince Turkey to refrain from its illegal actions in Varosha and within Cyprus’ maritime zones.

This is the state of play at the moment with regard to the Cyprus Question. What I want to assure you, Ambassador, is of my strong commitment and determination to engage once again in results-oriented negotiations for a solution of the Cyprus problem, within the framework of the relevant UN Security Council resolutions.

Dear Mrs. Ambassador,

The Netherlands is indeed a valuable partner for Cyprus and has shown its commitment to stand by the Cypriot people as a valued contributor to UNFICYP as well as to the UN Committee on Missing Persons.

I once again thank you for your support to our efforts to reach a viable and comprehensive settlement of the Cyprus problem that will end the ongoing Turkish occupation, restore and ensure the enjoyment of human rights and fundamental freedoms by all Cypriots.

I raise my glass to the health of His Majesty King-Willem Alexander, to the prosperity of the Dutch people and to the friendship between Cyprus and the Netherlands.