17 August 2022 - Announcement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding the recent posts of the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs on social media

Announcement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Once again, we are witnessing Turkey's alarming attempts to distort the historical reality in relation to its invasion of Cyprus in 1974 and its ongoing illegal occupation of the northern part of the island. It is widely accepted that the recent posts of the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs on social media unsuccessfully attempt to distort the historical reality, equating the victim of an invasion with its perpetrators.

Under the pretext of the alleged restoration of the constitutional order, with broad interpretations of the 1960 treaties and fragile arguments, Turkey invaded Cyprus in July 1974; an act which is by definition illegal and contrary to International Law. Since then, it continues to occupy 36% of the territory of the Republic of Cyprus, colonizing the occupied part of Cyprus and attempting to alter the demographic character of the island. With hybrid tactics and illegal actions, it is still trying today to Islamize the occupied territories, to weaken the secular character of the Turkish-Cypriot community and to consolidate conditions of dependence of the Turkish Cypriots on Turkey.

The International Community, on a number of occasions, has taken a clear and legally binding position on the real facts and the Turkish invasion of Cyprus. The UN Security Council issued a series of Resolutions and Decisions condemning Turkey's invasion as an illegal, heinous act and contrary to International Law and the UN Charter. In addition, the Security Council issued condemnations and Resolutions regarding the illegal declaration of independence of the pseudo-state, the so-called "Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus", recognizing the Republic of Cyprus as the only State in Cyprus.

The International Community knows that all Turkey managed to do was wreak havoc, make a third of the population of Cyprus refugees in their own homeland, implement its plans for partition and consolidate new fait accompli. The pinnacle of Turkish provocation is its insistence on imposing a two-state solution on Cyprus.

As far as we are concerned, we will continue on the path of rationality and law, without following the Turkish rhetorical insanity. We are making persistent and sincere efforts to create conditions that will allow the resumption of negotiations to find a comprehensive settlement of the Cyprus Problem on the basis of the Bizonal Bicommunal Federation with political equality, as defined in the relevant United Nations Security Council Resolutions. These are efforts that, unfortunately, Turkey rejects adamantly and unjustifiably, insisting on the position of a two-state solution.

The Republic of Cyprus, as an internationally recognized State, a member state of the UN and the EU and other International Organizations, will continue on the path of International Law and International Legitimacy, creating conditions of security and prosperity for all the inhabitants of the island, while also contributing in the security and stability of the wider Eastern Mediterranean region.