13 Sep. 2021 - Bilateral relations, regional developments & EU-Bahrain relations on agenda in meeting between FM Christodoulides & Bahraini FM Al Zayani in Manama

Press release regarding the meeting that the Minister of Foreign Affairs had with his Bahraini counterpart in Manama

The Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Nikos Christodoulides, who accompanies the President of the Republic Mr. Nikos Anastasiades on an official visit to Bahrain, had a meeting this afternoon with his counterpart Dr. Abdullatif bin Rashid Alzayani in the capital Manama. During the meeting the two Ministers had an in depth discussion on issues related to bilateral relations between Cyprus and Bahrain, following on from the official talks, as well as in relation to the cooperation between the two countries at regional and international level, as well as on EU-Bahrain relations.

The Foreign Ministers noted with satisfaction the common will of the two sides, as this emerged from the contacts made at the highest level during the visit of President Anastasiades, to strengthen bilateral relations in a number of specific areas. They further noted that Cyprus and Bahrain, as small island States in an often troubled region, have a common interest in stepping up efforts to strengthen dialogue and regional cooperation, in a way that enhances peace, stability and security in the wider region taking advantage of, inter alia, the positive momentum created by the signing of the Abraham Accords providing for the normalization of relations between Arab countries, including Bahrain, and Israel.

During the meeting, the next steps were considered in the implementation of what was agreed during the visit, including through the exchange of visits, the holding of political consultations between the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of the two countries and  cooperation at the level of Diplomatic Academies, while views were also exchanged with regard to the possibility of Bahrain joining the network of trilateral cooperation mechanisms that Cyprus and Greece have jointly established with a number of countries in the region.

The latest developments in the Cyprus problem and in the broader region of the Eastern Mediterranean were also discussed, with particular reference to the role that Bahrain can play in relevant discussions in the framework of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.

Finally, in the context of discussions on EU-Bahrain relations and the positive role that Cyprus consistently plays within this context, Mr. Christodoulides expressed his intention to invite Mr. Alzayani to a working breakfast in Brussels in the near future, with the participation of EU Foreign Ministers.

In a special ceremony held earlier, Ministers Christodoulides and Alzayani signed an Agreement on the abolition of visas for holders of diplomatic, special and service passports between the two countries.

At the end of their meeting, the two Ministers delivered statements to media representatives. The full text of the statement by Mr. Christodoulides follows below.



Statement to the press by the Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Nikos Christodoulides, following his meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bahrain, Dr. Abdullatif bin Rashid Alzayani

Manama, 13 September 2021

"It is a truly great pleasure to be visiting Manama again, and meet my good colleague HE Dr Abdullatif.

Cyprus and Bahrain are brought together by historically close ties of friendship. Two island States that form part of a region that is as complex as it is promising.

Today we had an extensive discussion on bilateral relations and how we can expand and deepen them, as well as regional developments and EU Bahrain relations. 

On the bilateral front we signed today the agreement on the exemptions of visas for diplomatic service and special passports. We also decided to push forward cooperation in a number of areas, including collaboration between our diplomatic academies, as well as holding political consultations.

As regards regional developments first and foremost I congratulated Bahrain on the historic Abraham Accords which are catalytic in the sea of change we are noticing in our region. We discussed ways in which Bahrain can join the trilateral cooperation mechanisms Cyprus Greece and other countries of the region (such as the UAE, Jordan, Egypt, Israel and Palestine) have established. 

Cyprus, as a country of the region and as an EU Member State, is adamant on the importance of more positive engagement of the EU in the region. I intend to invite Dr. Abdullatif for a working breakfast with the EU foreign ministers in Brussels to discuss ways of further advancing EU-Bahrain relations. Cyprus makes a consistent effort to present the regions perspective in Brussels and will continue to do so.

Let me thank you once again my dear friend for the hospitality and for the fruitful deliberations, which we will continue in our upcoming meeting in New York.



Photos ©PIO, Stavros Ioannides