21 July 2021 - FM Christodoulides: Greek Foreign Minister's visit vitally important on the day after the latest Turkish provocations in relation to Varosha

Statement by Foreign Minister Nikos Christodoulides, after his meeting with Greek counterpart Nikos Dendias

Nicosia, 21 July 2021


It is always with great pleasure that I welcome to Cyprus the Greek Foreign Minister, my friend Nikos Dendias and his associates, in the context of the regular contacts and open-ended coordination between us.

Nikos’s visit to Cyprus which takes place the day after the illegal visit of the Turkish President and the provocative announcements made, especially in relation to Famagusta, is vitally important and amongst other things, sends messages in many directions.

Greece supports in earnest and with deeds our efforts both to overturn the Turkish fait accompli and to address the challenges we face, but also with the aim of contributing to the resumption of meaningful negotiations in a conducive environment and of course on the basis of the agreed framework. It is clear that Turkey's provocative actions are aimed at promoting, through a de facto situation, a different form of solution to the Cyprus problem, something that neither we nor the international community can accept.

We have had a number of telephone conversations and contacts at various levels since yesterday regarding Turkey's provocative actions. These contacts are continuing today. What matters, especially at this juncture, is a clear and unambiguous public response by the international community to yesterday's announcements by Mr. Erdogan. Turkey's actions constitute a flagrant violation of the relevant Security Council resolutions, have a negative impact on the efforts of the UN Secretary General for the resumption of substantive negotiations and should be reversed immediately.

Later today, this issue will be addressed by the Security Council, which meets to discuss the reports of the Secretary General on his Good Offices and on the UN Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus, and will discuss yesterday's announcements by the Turkish President following a formal appeal by the Republic of Cyprus that took place today. As a first step, the Security Council must send a clear message to Ankara.

Nikos and I had the opportunity to evaluate the situation and exchange views on the next steps, especially regarding the European Union's response to the latest Turkish challenges. The European Union must react immediately and decisively, and its response must have specific content.

The revitalization of the prospects for the resumption of negotiations on the Cyprus problem, which remains our primary goal, will largely depend on the vigor and determination of the reaction of the international community. However, to make this possible, the messages and the reaction of the international community must be clear, allowing no room for misinterpretation by Ankara.

The moments are critical. On our part, I want to assure that we will continue to act responsibly, with consistency and determination. Within this framework, we will continue our coordinated and targeted actions with Greece and our other partners in the international community.

Dear Nikos, I wish to welcome you once again and I thank you warmly for your presence here today.



Photos @PIO/Stavros Ioannides