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Country: Lebanon

Travel Advice: Avoid all travel

Travel Advice validity period: From 29th October 2023


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cyprus is closely monitoring the situation in Israel & the occupied Palestinian territories, and security incidents taking place in south Lebanon, which could deteriorate throughout the country without prior warning.

Cypriot nationals are advised to avoid all travel to Lebanon.

Cypriot citizens in Lebanon are advised to avoid all gatherings and demonstrations, remain vigilant and follow the instructions of local authorities. They are also advised to follow closely the developments and information from the international and local media, avoid unnecessary movements and apply maximum security measures.

Cypriot citizens are also advised to register, if they so wish, on the online registration platform for Cypriots abroad Connect2CY

Contact Information:

In case of emergency Cypriot citizens are requested to contact:

The Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus in Beirut
Address: Yarzeh Pine Building No 6, Street 15, Baabda, Lebanon
Tel.: +961 5 929 006 (08:00-15:00, Monday-Friday)
Mobile No.: +961 71 559 500 (outside working hours / in case of emergencies)
Fax: +961 5 922643
E-mail: beirutembassy@mfa.gov.cy and beirutconsulate@mfa.gov.cy 

Ministry of Foreign Affairs / Consular Affairs Directorate:
Tel: +357 22 651113 (08:30-15:00, Monday–Friday)

Ministry of Foreign Affairs / Crisis Management Department:
Tel: +357 22 801000, +357 22 651295 (08:30-15:00, Monday-Friday)
Mobile No.: +357 97 775998 (outside working hours / in case of emergencies)