Travel Advice:

Leave the country


Travel advice validity period:

From 15/02/2022



Due to the further escalation of tension in the region, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises all citizens of the Republic of Cyprus to avoid all travel to Ukraine.

In addition, citizens of the Republic of Cyprus permanently and/or temporarily residing anywhere in Ukraine are urged to leave the country whilst direct commercial flights are still being operating. It is noted that in case of further deterioration of the situation, airline companies may diversify or suspend their flight schedule to and from Ukraine.

Cypriot citizens who deem their presence in the country necessary, are advised to remain alert and to provide their contact details to the Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus in Kyiv and register on the online platform Connect2CY.


Contact information:

All directly affected Cypriot citizens can contact the Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus in Kyiv or call the following numbers:


The Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus in Kyiv, Ukraine 

+380 444996450/1 (09:00-17:00, Monday–Friday)

+380 975049558 (Duty officer emergency mobile phone number)

Email address:

Embassy Address: 24 Bulvarno-Kudriavska St., Level 2, 01601, Kyiv, Ukraine


Ministry of Foreign Affairs / Consular Affairs Department:

+357 22651113 (08:30-15:00, Monday–Friday)


Ministry of Foreign Affairs / Crisis Management Department:

+357 22801000, +357 22651295 (08:30-15:00, Monday–Friday)